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On the verge of anorexia: celebrities who played with diets


Recently, the Russian media was shocked by the news that the famous skater Yulia Lipnitskaya was leaving a big sport due to problems with eating behavior. With her unsuccessful example, the athlete showed that anorexia is not just a problem for young girls who want to be slimmer, but a real illness caused by stress and self-doubt. About which of the famous girls had a chance to experience anorexia, read in this article.

Mary Kate Olsen

One of the Olsen sisters greatly scared her family and close friends when her weight dropped to around 35 kilograms. The actress got into the rehabilitation center even when she could hardly move herself. As it turned out later, the cause of anorexia was stress caused by problems at work and in personal life.

Lindsey Lohan

Another Hollywood star who fell victim to anorexia. For 10 years of drug and alcohol abuse, the actress brought herself to exhaustion. Lindsay admitted that she ate almost nothing due to severe stress, headache and constant nausea. Only drugs and alcohol temporarily helped to drown out the pain, but all this turned out to be just an illusion. In fact, the bad habits of the actress became the cause of mental disorders and poor health.

Lady Gaga

The world famous singer suffered from anorexia and bulimia from the age of 15. This statement of the artist made recently. To save her life, she was helped by her self-acceptance and timely appeal to specialists. Otherwise, if we didn’t take the artist’s head, we wouldn’t have heard all those wonderful hits today, for which she had a hand in writing.

Yana Churikova

Popular TV presenter Yana Churikova admitted that in her life there was a period when she was on the verge of anorexia. Even during the first two seasons of the “Star Factory”, Yana was hospitalized due to problems with an eating disorder. When Yana realized that her passion for diets began to seriously affect her ability to work and her awareness of reality, she sounded the alarm and went to the doctors.

Julia Lipnitskaya

The 20-year-old skater Yulia Lipnitskaya at the beginning of the year shocked everyone with the news that she was ending her sports career. A statement came after three months of treatment in Europe - the athlete struggled with an eating disorder. According to Julia, she will not get in shape soon and therefore decided to immediately reveal all the cards upon arrival at home. The skater regrets that she did not pay attention to the problem earlier.



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