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Natalia Vodianova Shamed & Attacked On Instagram For sharing a photo with a feminine hygiene product


The supermodel thus draws attention to the theme of women's health

Top model with a world-wide name, "Russian Cinderella" Natalia Vodianova posts on her page a photo with a sanitary napkin. And explains why, duplicating the comment in English and native languages:

- Yes, you are not mistaken, I have in my hand an ordinary sanitary napkin. Monthly - this is a natural part of the life of any woman, and I would like the theme of women's health to be freely discussed in any country in the world. Let's talk about it.

In the photo, the model tagged Doutzen Kroes, Emily Ratajkowski and a special female mobile application.

In the comments to the photo of the 35-year-old model and the mother of five children, a real international battle broke out. Someone supported Natalia in her desire to make the topic of women's health more open, and someone attacked her with criticism, calling her a feminist who has nothing more to do. There were those who intelligently stressed that the presence of taboo topics is part of culture and upbringing. Subscribers strongly disliked such frankness.

The opposing camps quarreled terribly, defending their point of view. Someone even switched from the subject of sanitary napkin to the topic of politics. There were also those who decided to unfollow Vodianova. However, most of the Russian followers supported supermodel.

whiskey_cola_: What shy people are! There is a woman. There is her body. There is health of this body. Why is it embarrassing? Why do some people hide the approach to the gynecologist, because this is "female", which means that it is embarrassing. You have ambiguous standards, so you can look, touch, and discuss, etc. 

Dashasobelman: I have some friends who are shy to buy sanitary napkins at stores!

Kroshkaboo: What is so scary about man seeing this? Is this something shameful? Every woman from 15 to 45 experiencing it.

Recall, Natalia Vodianova was married to British aristocrat Justin Portman and gave birth to three children: 16-year-old Lucas, 11-year-old Neva and 9-year-old Victor. Today he lives in an actual marriage with Antoine Arnault, a French millionaire, with whom she raises the 3-year-old son Maxim and 1.5-year-old Roman. 

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