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DIET of Victoria’s Secret “angels"

Among the models of Victoria's Secret, there is one the most common diet, calculated at 14 days. During this diet sugar, salt, alcohol and coffee are excluded. Drink must be at least 2 liters of water a day. The menu is for the week and is repeated in the second week.

1 day.

Breakfast: green tea. Lunch: 2 boiled eggs and 1 tomato. Dinner: fish steamed with spinach.

2 day.

Breakfast: Green tea, 130 grams of cottage cheese. Lunch: Steamed fish, salad with tomatoes and greens, seasoned with olive oil and lemon. Dinner: a glass of kefir.

3 day.

Breakfast: Green tea, a sandwich of corn bread with a slice of cheese. Lunch: boiled beef with salad greens. Dinner: 2 boiled eggs.

4 day.

Breakfast: Green tea and green apple. Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes. Dinner: fish with steamed vegetables.

5 day.

Breakfast: Black tea and shredded carrots with apple and lemon juice. Lunch: chicken breast steamed with tomato and herbs. Dinner: 100 g of cheese and half a cup of yogurt.

6 day.

Breakfast: Green tea with a slice of wholemeal bread and orange. Lunch: fish with steamed vegetables. Dinner: boiled beef with a salad of tomatoes and greens.

7 day.

Breakfast: black tea with lemon. Lunch: chicken breast steamed with boiled rice. Dinner: 1 boiled egg. Of course, diet is very effective, but not everyone can afford it for health reasons. Not all models starve themselves, but all of them look good. Just everyone has a secret. For example, Gisele Bundchen does not use sugar and alcohol, and eats meat only once in 2 weeks, Candice Svenpol’s amount of food is the size of a fist, and Heidi Klum eats only raw foods.

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