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Sergey Lazarev thanked the "husband" on his Instagram


Last night, the singer's new video "Surrender" scored the first million views. Sergey Lazarev on Instagram decided to thank relatives and friends for their support. But it was not the post itself that attracted the attention of the public, but one of the hashtags: it said “thank you to my husband.”

Later, the singer decided to laugh it off and explained the unusually frank hashtag with autocorrect: “We need to check hashtags more carefully,” the artist wrote. But after some time, Lazarev completely deleted this entry, writes the portal, attaching screenshots of changing hashtags and captions to the post on the singer's page to the article.

Rumors about the unconventional orientation of the singer have been circulating for a long time. Blogger Lena Miro drew attention to the expressive comments that the former Smash ! “I love it”, “fire”, “just space”, “you are divine” - this is how, according to the blogger, Topalov comments on the posts of his colleague. Lazarev does not remain in debt and responds with numerous emoticons in the heart emoji.

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