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Sergey Lazarev shocked fans with tight fitting suit

After performing at "Eurovision" Sergey Lazarev went on a tour called "The best". One of the concerts held in Sochi. Fans of the singer drew attention to his skin-tight suit.

July 24 Sergey Lazarev gave a concert in Sochi. Fans were pleased with an idol, but drew attention to the unusual outfit of the singer. Sergey went on stage in a futuristic suit that emphasized his figure in detail.

Lazarev himself clearly enjoyed the suit so much. He has published a picture from the concert on his social networks with the caption: "Mmmm." However, not all fans appreciated Lazarev’s outfit: "I'm very fond of Sergey, like his voice, listen to his songs, but such suits shocks me))))." Terrible Costumes"," What's with the costume?"- wrote subscribers.

The picture immediately became one of the most debated topics on the Internet. It is worth noting, not all Sergey Lazarev’s fans appreciated pictures of eligible bachelor.

"It seems that the suit is just going to bust out at the seams," "Sergei usually chooses stylish outfits, apparently, it is a stylist who messed with that costume!", "Pants do not fit!" - the followers commented on the appearance of the artist.

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