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Russian gay in Paris: La vie de luxe

Paris is a city of contrasts and a free spirit. Connoisseurs and subtly-extraordinary people come here from all corners of the earth. Adventure lovers who are looking for a happy and carefree life come here to finally get lucky by the tail and find a place in the sun. But fortune doesn’t smile on everyone. Only talented, successful and hardworking people can hope that the great city will open its arms and accepts them. Two young Russian gay men - connoisseurs of ancient beauty and arts – had decided to make a love nest in Paris – in a cozy mansard under the eaves. They had a little money, but had a lot of ambition and vanity. But the main thing was that they were very determined to succeed.

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Once the two of them had danced in the corps de ballet in the same group of young and provocative at the same stage. Sasha and Grisha had complained about their monotonous and hopeless lives in Saratov. Living there, they hadn’t see anything new and interesting in the future. Finally they had decided to try their ​luck on the ​ballet stage in the beautiful city, which lies on banks of the River Seine. They had decided to start life anew in Paris!

Arriving to Paris recently, they had found a job not very fast. After they had gone through bunch of agencies, they finally had substituted for company of the male corps de ballet. The young people had been immensely happy, because they had found the job they dreamed about. Everything went quite well. The main problem was that Sasha and Grisha spoke French very bad.

But they didn’t worry, because French turned out to be of no use in dance and that only the dancers' movements should matter.

Sasha was very sophisticated, always ​minded his ​manners, his voice was low, barely audible, like whisper. Sasha loved when everybody listened him carefully. He was very neat. His movements were smooth, he walked gingerly stepping on his toes and always was in a thoughtful mood. He hardly wore headwear. He often asked his stylist for a nice trim. He liked getting his hair dyed blond, and he had a romping forelock, which was playfully combed to the side, gently covering his right eye.

His gay boyfriend, Grisha, was a nervous young man with an instinct for sharp and impulsive movements. He always imagined that he was somewhat prejudiced. He demanded to be loved, no matter for what. He had the loud and low voice, like "Jericho" pipe, and skillfully used it at the right moment. But in the company of Sasha, who had to him a special approach, he immediately calmed down and holded his temper. Sasha was able to see his lurking deep inner world, that Grisha was not aware of. For example, Grisha loved all beautiful things and nature too ... Both friends with various experience and opportunities, supplemented each other in almost everything.

Living in Paris, Sasha and Grisha had a serious concern about lack of money. Since Grisha constantly attracted to all the "funny" places, which were not cheap. He was crazy about visiting expensive restaurants and unusual cafes, which were at every corner.

One day Sasha offered Grisha to visit very nice restaurant, which was located in an unusual place - in the building of the Gare de Lyon. Dressed in identical white jackets, fitted in the waist, and cigarette trousers, they went out. Sasha, sprayed himself with rose emulsion and exuded a powerfully sweet aroma, and Grisha moderately dripped a drop of Chanel Bleu behind the ear. Exuding this aroma, they headed off in the direction of the restaurant. In addition gay friends stuck a green carnation in their buttonholes. In good spirits and with smiles on young faces they slowly walked through the streets of Paris. As they walked to the restaurant, Sasha, with lips soft-centered, whispered to Grisha not to order very much, because they had very short money. Boyfriend smiled at him and it brought Sasha a joy. It was sunny day and they were like two lovely doves, who smoothly floated from the street to the restaurant "Tran Bleu”, which was located on the second floor of Gare de Lyon.

This luxurious and decorative building in the style of "Versailles" had its own rich history. Among his visitors were well-known and very popular people: writers, artists, stylists and politics. No wonder this restaurant was listed among culturally significant monuments of the city.

Having took a comfortable place near the wide window at a table with a crisp white tablecloth and nonchalantly striking a pose, the gay pair began to wait for the waiter. Suddenly the luxurious Belle Epoque interior of the restaurant Le Train Bleu inspired them and they looked more closely at the details. There were chic vintage chandeliers, luxurious monumental paintings (there were as many as forty-one), which depicted the magnificent landscape of the Mediterranean and a variety of landscapes of areas in France.

Finally the long-awaited Garçon approached them and offered a choice of specialties from the select menu - veal tartare, as well as an extensive wine list. Gregory offered his boyfriend to try this dish.  ‘However, for two, that would be a little cheaper, and the wine must also be ordered, as the wine is always divine’, said Grisha. But Sasha pouted like a woman his pink lips and coyly began to ask a second portion separately. ‘I am not going to disgrace myself in the restaurant! We do not need to show everyone that we have money problems’, said Sasha. Then Gregory with a sonorous voice offered one more piece of veal tartare and a gypsy jazz, to sing songs for a good appetite. It was very tasty and fun, however, without a gypsy jazz.

It was time to leave the pleasant facility and boys asked for the bill for a chic dinner. However, when the waiter had brought the bill, Grisha looked at an impressive sum of the bill and clutched his stomach. He was startled and felt that a tartar began to solicit back from the deep interior of stomach to the outside. "What should we do?" - nervously whispered Grisha to his boyfriend. "It's such a big bucks" - murmured Sasha, tossing mannered romping curl forelock from his brow. Grisha was very resourceful guy and said: "Let’s offer them to work part-time here, in the restaurant. We would perform tango a la twenties between the main dish and dessert? And at the same time, maybe they will feed us? ". Sasha looked skeptically at his friend and snorted loudly. ‘I dance exclusively classical dance and your idea damages the sense of my self-esteem’, said Sasha.

The waiter came up and was waiting for them to pay bill. Gregory took out money of his pocket and began to count crumpled bills nervously, but unfortunately he was 10 euros short. Then Sasha took out of his cigarette trousers very small cellophane bag where the coins were laid. He began to count a small change coyly, but then unfortunately he was more than 1 euro and fifteen cents short. Then Gregory got up from his chair and suddenly began to squat. "Why did you start gymnastics?", asked Sasha . "What if the coins fall out of my secret pockets!", said Grisha. But it turned out to be unsuccessful, the money had not increased.

Then Sasha with a gallant gesture, gathered all counted and politely handed to Garson. Friends nervously stood still, but to the surprise of the two young gay men, Garçon did not demand that they pay  the rest of the money but only playfully winked his left eye and waved the two poor boys. Garçon, to the surprise of the entire audience, walked slowly through the restaurant hall, showing his extraordinary grace. Sasha and Grisha were a little jumpy from everything that happened and barely came  back to their senses. Then, having looked around at the place where they ate, at the beauty of the interior decoration of a chic restaurant Le Train Bleu, they calmed down and decided that they should certainly visit this restaurant again, especially since there were really understanding waiters. Then  the two Russian gays walked out on a noisy street of Paris. Seeing the beauty of the night, they were in a good mood and decided that everything was fine. 




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