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Personal life of Dima Bilan: rumored boyfriend Rovens Pritula

Rovens Pritula and Dima Bilan has repeatedly been caught by paparazzi and journalists have long believed that they had an affair.

Rovens Pritula, photos of which can be found on the Internet, - a young guy from Latvia, who works in the restaurant business, and as a model for glossy magazines.

Journalists have long been watching this young man. And the reason for such attention is not his personal qualities or certain professional success, but friendship with the famous singer Dima Bilan.

More recently, information has appeared in one of the Baltic magazines that Rovens engaged to Bilan and soon their wedding will take place. The reason to make such statements was the presence of the ring on the ring finger of the model.

Pritula himself has not commented on the information. He said that he had nothing to say. This interview has made people even more doubt the orientation of Rovens and Dima Bilan, because the young man did not even tried to say something to convince journalists otherwise..

Pictures of Dima Bilan and Rovens leaked to the Web. It is known that these young people are trying not to advertise their relationship. Scandalous photos published by accident.

Singer and his friend were repeatedly caught by paparazzi. For example, Bilan, going on a vacation to Germany, said, that he was going to get a big company, but at the airport he was seen alone. It is interesting that Rovens Pritula went to Germany for vacation at the same time. Many believe that these young people have planned a joint trip in advance, but did not want to be seen

Dima Bilan is a favorite of the public. He was the real star of the prestigious contest "Eurovision-2006" and won a deserved victory. The singer has a lot of fans, so if the rumors about his boyfriend are true, they can quickly be disappointed in their idol. 

Rovens Pritula is not particularly popular in his home country. His modeling career can be called mediocre. Perhaps no one in Russia would not know about this guy, if not his friendship with Dima Bilan. Evil tongues say that Rovens is interested not in the famous singer, but in his money and fame. 

Gay Rumors about Bilan began circulating almost immediately after he came to the big stage. Some serious people are assured that the orientation of the singer revealed by his his former producer.

Pictures of Dima Bilan with young sweet guys leaked to the Web. Refusing to believe gay rumors, many of Bilan's fans are more likely to try to read the publication about Bilan's affairs with girls - for example, with model Lena Kuletskaya. It is worth noting that all of the singer's affairs were more like a well-planned PR campaign.

Bilan had with Kuletskaya quite a strange relationship. They were not seen too often and lived in different countries. Before the performance at the international competition Dima promised his fans that he would marry Lena, if he wins. Bilan won the contest, but broke his promises. Gradually, their relationship became obsolete. Detractors believe that the singer did not originally plan to marry and made loud statement only to draw attention to hismself.

With regard to relations of Bilan and Rovens Pritula, it is possible that there is something more than friendship between them. After all, as we know, rumors are seldom born out of nowhere, especially because many Latvian publications write about the singer's romance with a young guy.

Rovens Pritula and Dima Bilan communicate quite closely. According to rumors, he became engaged to a guy from Latvia - 27 years Rovens. According to Privātā dzīve magazine, they got married at the beginning of February in one of the cities in Germany.

At Bilan's concert in Riga, on 20 January, 2007 Pritula was seen alone. In the past year, he and Russian "Eurovision" winner were often seen together in Jurmala, reports NovoNews.

According to a good friend of Rowen Pritula, he and Dima Bilan often hosted each other. As pointed Privātā dzīve, Bilan flew to Riga for Christmas, and together they went to Amsterd am. Since then, Rovens was spotted with the ring  on his ring finger.

The publication adds that at the beginning of February Rovens and Dima had a wedding to plan in German city, the first has already taken leave from work, bought the tickets and told friends that he will fly to Germany to "rest from everybody." It was in February, when Dima Bilan's concerts took place in Germany. 

Rovens Pritula working in the restaurant business, and works part-time model, writes Privātā dzīve. He recently signed a contract for advertising underwear. He refuses to comment on his relationship with Dima Bilan - on the question of publication, sent by e-mail, he said: "Unfortunately, I do not agree to tell anything."

Recall that recently the British gay magazine Gaytimes suggested Dima Bilan 100 thousand pounds for photography. Despite the impressive amount of the fee, Bilan refused a tempting project, believing that it will ruin his career. "I really received such a proposal, but I refused - then said Bilan -. I personally have nothing against gay minorities, but I'm not gay".



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