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Sergey Lazarev sang at Stockholm Pride and thanked gay fans for their support

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Russian singer commented on his appearance at the LGBT festival in Stockholm.

Sergey Lazarev, who in May performed in Stockholm at the "Eurovision" song contest, returned for a few days to the capital of Sweden. Russian singer ignited a furor when he appeared at the concert dedicated to Gay Pride, which is being held in Stockholm. Sweden "Pride" is considered one of the largest LGBT events in Europe.

Lazarev, who performed his hit “You are the only one”, was loudly applauded by LGBT audience of the Pride Park area, where the holiday held. By the way, contrary to the European ideas of "homophobia" in Russia, Russian actor impressed everyone with his friendliness. Lazarev thanked for support sexual minorities, which is known to make up the audience of the "Eurovision" song contest.

After his speech, Lazarev said that his trip to the gay parade is a part of a larger promo in Europe - the major music labels of Scandinavia are interested in cooperating with Russian artist.

- This performance is organized by my company "Universal" which promotes my new single “Breaking Away” in the Nordic countries, - explained Lazarev. - Stockholm Pride - one of the biggest summer festivals in Sweden, where people come from all over Europe, regardless of orientation. I am happy to return to Stockholm, Sweden, and am very glad that I have the opportunity once again to thank personally the European audience, including the LGBT community for their support and for the fact that they voted for me. I was recently in Greece where I performed at the Mad Music Awards. I will also come to Estonia, Belarus, Azerbaijan.

Commenting on his attitude to performing in front of a gay audience, Lazarev said that he sees no difference between them and the concerts for the usual audience.

- I am happy that I have such a different audience: different nationalities, religions, and sexual preference. I really love and appreciate all my fans.

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