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Russian gay told how to Get Dressed for a first date

Preparation for a first gay date with a guy ... um ... is a mirrored copy of preparation for a first date with a girl, but everything is much more exciting.

Well, the first thing which is titillating like a horror movie is forbiddness. The second thing is doubt whether you are doing the right thing or not.

Second ... you have no idea what you want to wear. There are no guys in my circle, who like guys to watch and guess.

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Third, shit… Then neither mom nor dad can give me advice.

You expect support only from the mirror, but instead of friend you get a worst enemy.

First outfit. Black leather jacket, heavy boots, blue jeans, T-shirt "Anarchy." Damn ... it’s militant. If he sees me, he'll just be frightened..

Costume! Well, of course a suit. The one who mom saved up to the prom.

No, somehow silly ... like going to a wedding. Interestingly, all the gay guys have weddings? Not here, in Russia, but in the foreign countries. It will be necessary to clarify over the Internet. And yet ... a heavy jacket. I’ll start to sweat. It's a disaster, sweat .... Damn, I almost forgot about deodorant. Here it is, my dear.

What to wear?.. Athletic fit suit. Well yes. Since I am an athlete, I have to wear a sports suit. No More ... he may think that I have nothing to wear.

A kind of "casual" style is the outcome of the long fight with the mirror. Simple but clean black T-shirt, jeans, the best, which I found, windbreaker in case of cold, sports shoes.

About fifteen minutes I decide whether to wear glasses or lenses. I make choice for glasses. They are new and beautiful. A lens ... I'm not going to start a mass fight, am I?

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