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Friends of Kristen Stewart don’t like her girlfriend Soko

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Close friends are sure that the singer cares only about her own PR.

Kristen Stewart’s close friends worry about the actress because of her relationship with French singer Soko. It is reported that Stewart’s friends dislike her girlfriend and believe that Soko dating actress to further her own career.

Stephanie Sokolinski, who goes under the name Soko, is a famous singer in Europe, but she would like to enter the US market. According to sources, Soko got involved in a relationship with a famous Hollywood actress just with the aim to get into the local show business. It is Soko who initiates the publicity of their romance, not hiding from the paparazzi and giving short, but quite candid interviews. 

"I am very, very much in love and happy in this relationship. And glad that it is possible nowadays not to hide", - said singer, who openly declared her sexual orientation.

"They (friends of Stuart) believe that Soko promotes their romance in the press for a reason.

They think that Soko acts for higher profits", - said the insider, adding that friends of the actress tried to share with Kristen their concerns.

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Relationships of Kristen Stewart and Stephanie Sokolinski got a lot of attention from media at the beginning of March. Two weeks later, Stewart arrived in Paris, where she met with a friend; they spent a romantic holiday together and then returned to Los Angeles.

30-year-old Stephanie, singer under the name Soko - a native of France, she has French, Italian, Polish and Russian roots. After school, Soko moved from Bordeaux to Paris, where she began a musical career. Now she lives in Los Angeles.

Soko is an active Instagram user, and judging by some photos, a few months ago she had an affair with another girl.

As for the 25-year-old Kristen Stewart, after a separation with Robert Pattinson star of the "Twilight" had an affair with her assistant Alicia Kargayl. This relationship ended in October.


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