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Alexander Gradsky and Mauritz Briët have found themselves at the center of gay scandal at "The Voice"


During the recording of the next issue, a gay scandal occurred at "The Voice" show. Artist from the Netherlands Mauritz Briët misunderstood the meaning of the speech delivered by coach Alexander Gradsky.

Artist was surprised by the song, performed by the participants of the Voice Svetlana Syropyatova and Dmitry Yankovsky 

Apparently, the foreigner thought that Gradsky decided to make an emphasis on gays. Even more Mauritz Briët was impressed by the fact that the audience began to chant "Blue is our hero". Confident that he witnessed this scandal, the singer from the Netherlands even took pictures of what was happening on the phone to show to colleagues.

The song from the cartoon "The Blue Puppy" performed by members of the Alexander Gradsky team - Svetlana Syropyatova and Dmitry Yankovsky - very pleased the Russian audience, who even began to chant "Blue is our hero." 

However, the consultant of the project "The Voice" Mauritz Briët from the Netherlands, where the original format of the television show The Voice was created, was shocked by what he saw and heard. He could not understand how the song about gays appeared on Russian TV. He even started filming what was happening on the phone to send video to his Dutch colleagues. According to eyewitnesses, it took a lot of time to explain to the foreigner the true meaning of the song and the cartoon film, which was made back in 1976 and told about the blue puppy, whom no one wants to be friends with.According to the plot, he will have to perform several real feats in order to be recognized as a hero and a winner. 

Followers reacted differently to the published information: 

- In my childhood, I did not know about the blue (gay) so I had no associations then, and now, of course, double meaning.

- This is a song from the cartoon, and gays have nothing to do with it.

- In any language "blue" never connected with gays.

- Poor foreigners.

- This is really a cartoon with a hidden meaning.

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