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Why Victoria Bonya doesn't buy expensive jewelry

Celebrities had the opportunity not only to see an exclusive decorations, but also to try them on at auction, during which were exhibited 29 unique artworks - jewelry, including Faberge, necklaces with inserts of rare gems and 10 large diamonds of rare purity. 

Catherine Strizhenova choose concise Bracelet with tourmaline and diamonds. Olga Kabo could not take her eyes off the necklace with a scattering of yellow and white diamonds. And Victoria Bonya liked white gold earrings with emeralds.

And, of course, guests were fascinated by the legendary Faberge items. However, they came back to their senses and started thinking about price.

As it turned out, tastes of Larisa Guzeeva and Catherine Strizhenova matched in terms of jewelry - TV stars have chosen the same earrings with sapphires. Victoria Bonya has proven herself to be not only very beautiful, but also very practical girl. She, in accordance with her new style, opted for studs with 1 carat diamonds and sapphire weighing more than 10 carats. However, she is in no hurry to buy them:

"Men should give such gifts to women. Here is an example of us with Alex: he is just about to give me a ring with a sapphire. "

And do you think the woman should buy her own jewelry, or it's better to wait until she will get such gifts from man? 



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