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Who created the favorite necklace of Elena Perminova, and for what else you need to love the brand VOLHA Jewelry

Olga Prokopova was born in Minsk, she also received a law degree, moved to Moscow and started working ... in the fashion section of the Glamor magazine, and a little later became a jewelry editor of Tatler. Then Olya also studied the specifics of all jewelry brands of the world, after which she is 100% sure: the best education is an experience.

Thanks to this experience in 2012 she founded a brand VOLHA, which for a couple of months captivated not only Olga's girlfriends, but also the most famous Moscow's it-girls. The first customer was model Lena Perminova (30). "She is the first who appreciated my necklace of green agate with crystals," says Olga (besides the necklace, the first collection includes bracelets, earrings and clips).

Elena Perminova  

Now, five years later, the brand is well known in Europe. Who does not want to get the perfect decoration, which is also made in a single copy? So the waiting list is filled for months ahead (although there are accessories from 20 thousand rubles). Behind all of this is the hard work and a tight schedule: for example, Olga meets with diamond suppliers in Antwerp, and hurries to Venice to check the readiness of private orders (yes, there are others). And the founder of VOLHA jewelry is studying with international experts and consultants the history of Sicily - all because Olya has seriously approached the preparation of a new collection called "Mafia".

"Last summer, I was fortunate enough to visit the Residence of the Bavarian kings, and it all started. Therefore, when we talk about the mafia, we need to understand that this is not about the American film screen, but about the traditions and the Sicilian way of life. Obviously, to create such a collection, I had to move to Sicily in order to better understand not only the jewelry traditions of the island, but also to study its history. And since the honor society in Sicily is absolutely closed to strangers, I am immensely grateful to the scientist Oleg Maltsev, who opened all the necessary doors for me. " 

While Olga lives in Palermo and studies the traditions of Sicily: "You understand, to create a collection dedicated to the Sicilian mafia, it is not enough to reread the books of Mario Puzo (an American writer of Italian origin, the creator of The Godfather). It is necessary to visit the Sicilian environment, work with archives, get acquainted with people who have never been and will not be public.


In order to create a demanded product, it is not enough to just be a cool designer. Moreover, now we are talking about the presentation of VOLHA Jewelry on the international market. " The future collection will include 24 items made of gold and precious stones. And though while decorations are at a stage of development, they have already attracted interested in Germany, England and Spain. 


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