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Wearable tech you'll actually want to wear


Swarovski Slake Deluxe Activity Tracking Bracelet
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Swarovski Slake Deluxe Activity Tracking BraceletSwarovski Slake Deluxe Activity Tracking Bracelet
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Swarovski Activity Tracking Slake setSwarovski Activity Tracking Slake

It's the final frontier of the booming athleisure category, but it looks like 2016 is set to be wearable tech's year

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If you're loathe to wear a Fitbit but suffering severe FOMO from all your friends who track their step and calorie counts daily, this is your time: Swarovski has unveiled the Activity Tracking Jewellery Collection your highly discerning wrist has been waiting for.

The wearable tech category has struggled to gain traction in fashion circles, which aren't really big on unadorned bands of silicon (even if they areblack), but slowly, we've seen signs that that's all changing. First came the Hermès Apple Watch, then Iris Apfel's eclectic Wisewear line, and now this: clever little crystals that track your physical activity while you wear.

"Versatile enough to dress up or down, the Activity Crystal gives the modern woman a fitness tracker that looks and feels like a piece of jewellery, so she never feels the need to leave home without wearing it," says Joan Ng, senior vice president APAC Product Marketing. Each crystal is embedded with tracking technology that logs your physical activity day and night, then syncs wirelessly with your phone so you can set exercise goals, log a food diary and record your progress.

Finally! Wearable tech you'll actually want to wear

Miranda Kerr wearing the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery Collection sport band.

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The crystal is set into either Swarovski's sleek Slake bracelet or sport band and can be bought as a set or individually. Other perks: it's water-resistant up to 50-metres and when touched, lights indicate the time and status of your activity levels throughout the day. 

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