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Wear yin-yang jewelry like Hunter Schafer


This sacred symbol often appears in jewelry collections, but fashionistas in such items could be found quite rarely.

It is quite possible that the situation will change very soon. Hunter Schafer , a lover of unusual jewelry, often sets trends in accent jewelry. This time she appeared in yin-yang earrings from Susan Alexandra, the very brand whose products with cherries were once adored by all fashionistas. Now we have before us a new object of desire.

Leandra Medin also likes to wear this symbol. Note that the yin-yang halves do not have to be black and white. The July Child collection has a bracelet in which these colors are replaced by pink and red.

All these decorations can be considered talismans, because yin-yang is a symbol of harmony, a source of energy. Of course, for you it may just be a visually beautiful sign, but there is always a place for miracles in life, especially if you believe in them.








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