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Watch: Take a visual journey through the romantic world of Chaumet

Chaumet releases a short film titled Gaités Parisiennes that celebrates the maison’s storied heritage

From dreamy, opulent palaces to quaint streets and lush greenery, Chaumet envisions the city of Paris as an enchanted backdrop that plays out their unique fairytale. Captured in a delightful short film that conveys the vibrant heritage of the French jeweller, viewers are invited on a first person perspective tracing the steps of Empress Josephine from the halls at the Malmaison before seguing into a young couple's exuberant promenade across Parisian streets and monuments, bringing together a rich pictorial that melds the past with the present, and nature with culture.

Chaumet Gaités Parisiennes Between the stunning locales and the lovers' chemistry, cutaways of Chaumet's exquisite creations dance across the screen, such as the Joséphine Rondes de Nuit tiara perched insouciantly atop the mademoiselle's head, the romantic silhouette of the iconic Liens gracing a coterie of ballerinas, and even the Insolence glinting merrily on a playful stroll through Place Vendôme. Dazzling in sight and sound, romance lies at the crux of it all — a steadfast sentiment that accompanies life's most precious moments, proving true that love is all around you.

Check out Gaités Parisiennes here:

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