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Watch & Carat: La Mini D de Dior Satine Tressée

The line La D de Dior appeared back in 2003 and bears the romantic idea: it's a watch for women who like to wear their man's watch as a reminder of him.

Since then, this model has become a key for Dior Horlogerie and now exists in a reduced size - La Mini D. The stuffing is still the same - a quartz movement made in Switzerland.

The dial of the new La Mini D de Dior is only 19 millimeters in diameter and is decorated with a halo of diamonds. A shiny steel strap imitates a satin ribbon. A good styling solution is to wear two watches with a matching pink and gray mother of pearl.

Watch La Mini D de Dior Satine.

Steel, diamonds, mother of pearl. A strict mechanism and a "frivolous" braided bracelet is an ideal accessory for starting a working season in September.

The most charismatic novelty in the collection of feminine La Mini D de Dior this year is the laconic model La Mini D de Dior Satine Tressée with a case of yellow gold with diamonds, created in honor of the 70th anniversary of the House. In September, you need to get used to the timetable, and minimalistic, but not boring hours will harmoniously fit into the office image. Moreover, after a vacation, a strict dress code allows, according to old "summer" memory, liberties - for example, a gold bracelet of Polish weaving in the style of a boucle cloth. And the dial from the guilloche "solar rays" will argue with the forecasts of the weather forecasters.

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