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Victoria Bonya Sparks Engagement Rumors With Massive Sapphire Ring

Victoria Bonya demonstrated an impressive ring, forcing all the followers to discuss her engagement. The network's audience believes that the well-known model and ex-member of the TV station Victoria Bonya is engaged, reports the "Russian Dialogue". After the parting with Alex Smerfit, she has never officially announced her relationship with anyone.

But, despite this, she actively continues to provoke rumors about new affair. She posted on her official "Instagram" a new photo along with a video. In the photos, shared to Instagram, Bonya is seen in a black dress with a very frank neckline and allegedly randomly demonstrating a luxurious ring with an impressive sapphire. This is how Bonya again provoked a real discussion in the comments. Some Internet users are confident that she will soon be married, while others say that this is just an accessory, and he has nothing to do with the engagement.

Beloved of Victoria Bonya made her an offer? Recently, TV presenter Victoria Bonya showed off a chic ring. Fans of the star were delighted: does Victoria get married?

Rumors about the upcoming wedding of Victoria Bonya and her lover, the Irish billionaire Alex Smurfit, appeared in the press more than once. Even though the daughter of Angelina Letizia was born, the couple did not decide to tie the knot. Victoria herself commented on wedding rumors: "Some time later". Bonya admitted that it takes a long time to organize the wedding of her dreams, which the TV presenter simply does not have.

Viktoria Bonya

However, Victoria is cunning: most likely, she, like almost every girl, dreams of a celebration with a white dress. Perhaps it will soon happen in her life.

The other day, Bonya showed off chic ring with a huge sapphire and two diamonds. TV presenter did not tell the fans who gave her the ring, but it is worth believing that Victoria receives such luxurious gifts only from her lover. 

Victoria did not answer anything to the questions of fans about the wedding. By the way, most recently Bonya caught a bouquet of a bride at the wedding of a friend. As you know, if girl catches the bouquet at a wedding, it typically means that she is  the next person to get married. Perhaps, the sign is true and the TV presenter will soon get married? Now Victoria Bonya brings up daughter Angelina, actively participates in high life and is busy at once in several TV projects. 

Recall that Victoria and Alex met at one of the parties in Moscow in 2010. In 2012 the couple had a daughter, Angelina Letizia. 

Viktoria Bonya after breaking up with Alex Smurfit was not officially in a relationship, though provoked rumors of a new romance. In the latest interview TV presenter told about the true reasons of the gap with the father of her daughter, Angelina. 

Victoria Bonya

And now Victoria Bonya shows splendid ring with an impressive sapphire, similar to an engagement with the caption: "Can’t stop listening to this one #SheSaid #PlanB". It is worth noting that the song tells the story of love: "She said I love you boy I love your soul.". Followers believe that Victoria will soon report about the engagement.




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