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Victoria Bonya showed off a watch worth over 3 million rubles


The socialite became the ambassador of a famous brand. Victoria Bonya showed off a new watch worth over 3 million rubles. The accessory was provided to her by the famous Swiss company Hublot. The socialite became the first representative of the Russian show business, who was honored to cooperate with the brand.

Bonya noted that she always sympathized with this brand. Moreover, she is close to the company's philosophy - "Be the first, be unique, be different." She is also driven by ambition, as well as the desire to develop and fulfill herself. “This is not a short path, which includes a lot of work on herself, that girl from Krasnokamensk, who found her way and today another contract with an international brand has appeared in my piggy bank,” the TV presenter signed the publication on her microblog on Instagram. (The spelling and punctuation of the authors are given hereinafter unchanged. - Approx. ed. ). Victoria Bonya boasted a watch worth over 3 million rubles Recall that the path to the glory of Victoria was not easy. She was born in the provincial town of Krasnokamensk. She was raised by her mother and grandmother. Father left the family when Bonya was very small. The socialite moved to Moscow at the age of 16. She worked as a waitress and tried herself in the modeling business. Later she decided to try herself on television and take part in the romantic reality show " Dom-2 ". Victoria successfully passed the casting and became one of the favorites of the program viewers. After leaving Dom-2, she hosted a program on Family Radio , and in 2007 she became the host of the Cosmopolitan. Video version . She also took part in the show Fort Boyard. Return ", " Vacation in Mexico ", " Without insurance ", "Stars in Africa " ​​and others.

In 2009, Bonya entered the "Top 100 Sexiest Women on the Planet" according to the men's magazine FHM Russia, "Top 100 Most Stylish People in Russia" according to Hello! magazine, "Top 100 Most Beautiful People in Moscow" as part of the spring fashion and beauty ball May Fashion, as well as the "Top 100 sexiest women in the country" according to Maxim magazine. Then the transfer of Victoria "Cosmopolitan. Video version" was awarded the title of the best secular program at the "Journalist of the Year" award. Also in 2009, the TV presenter became the "Amateur Star of the Year" at the Russian Poker Award ceremony.


Victoria Bonya

At the moment, Victoria is raising a 9-year-old daughter, Angelina with Irish billionaire Alex Smurfit. The couple met in 2010. They had an affair. Two years later, the socialite gave birth to a child. The businessman and TV presenter were together for 7 years, but they never legalized the relationship. In 2017, they announced their separation. The reason for the gap was the discrepancy between views on family life. Alex wanted Victoria to stay at home and raise her children. But the TV presenter wanted to develop her career further. The couple maintained friendly relations for the sake of their daughter.

By the way, already at her age, Angelina is trying to responsibly distribute her income and expenses. In December last year, Bonya boasted that her daughter saved up 10 thousand euros . The girl received money from her relatives as a Christmas present. Angelina did not say what she was going to spend such a large sum on. Daughter of Victoria Boni

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