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Unisex jewelry for both girls and boys


Unisex is a style that blurs gender differences. It is suitable for anyone, regardless of gender. The appearance of the unisex style is associated with the redistribution of gender roles in society that came in the twentieth century.

Unisex style is often called faceless, although this is not at all the case. It focuses not on the gender of a person, but on his interests, hobbies and life principles.



The first prerequisites for the emergence of the unisex style arose at the beginning of the twentieth century. The First World War provoked radical changes in society: while most of the men were at the front, women began to master "male" professions. The wardrobe has also changed: puffy dresses have been replaced by comfortable, simple and practical clothes - uniforms.

Coco Chanel invited women to get rid of the uncomfortable corset. He was replaced by items of clothing that were previously considered men's - shirts, suits, trousers. Instead of elaborate and voluminous jewelry, elegant products have come into fashion.

In the 60s and 70s, the time of subcultures came - hippies, goths, bikers, punks. Women's and men's jewelry became almost indistinguishable: the main thing in them was not gender, but the symbolism of a particular subculture.

Androgynous models such as Twiggy and Kate Moss contributed to the development of the unisex style. They appeared in public in clothes that both boys and girls could wear: voluminous sweaters, T-shirts, jeans. In the 90s, the trend intensified - brands produced unisex perfumes, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the concept of metrosexuality arose. Modern men did not want to be "a little cuter than a monkey": they looked after themselves, paid great attention to the choice of wardrobe and accessories. By 2020, unisex style has become gender-neutral: anyone can look the way they want without losing their feminine or masculine viability.


Jewelry fashion is conservative. She repeats trends and principles that have existed for many years: most jewelry designed for the mass consumer would have been relevant in the 1950s. Unisex style products are rare - they are usually made to order.

There are several varieties of unisex style:

  • classical;
  • military;
  • protest;
  • globalist;
  • street.

For the manufacture of jewelry, mainly white gold, silver or platinum is used. Natural materials are appropriate: inserts made of wood, leather, precious and non-precious stones of a neutral color.


Unisex style is found in the design of a wide variety of jewelry - from bracelets to earrings.



Most jewelry chain weaves are suitable for both women and men.

Most popular options:

  1. anchor chain;
  2. roll armor chain;
  3. bismarck.

The weight of such a chain will be average (5-10 grams), and the length will be approximately to the middle of the chest.

This category can also include all shoelaces - leather, rubber, silk.


Most leather and silk bracelets are made in unisex style. They are supplemented with universal decorative inserts - for example, ancient oriental symbols of health, prosperity, good luck. The only difficulty may arise with the choice of size: the women's size grid is usually designed for sizes 15.0-21.0 cm, and for men - 18.0-23.0 cm. See also: Jewelry with meaning: how to express your feelings without words Chain bracelets are also unisex.

Popular options are anchor weaving, Bismarck. Rigid bracelets are decorated with abstract or geometric symbols. pendants Unisex-style pendants are decorated with symbols of subcultures, as well as ancient amulets and talismans.

Most popular:

  1. Tree of Life;
  2. Nazar Bonjuk;
  3. Yin Yang;
  4. pentagram

The last few years have seen an increased interest in Viking culture. Totem animals and birds appear in the design of jewelry - wolves, eagles, bears. They can be both female and male characters.


In this category, all kinds of studs and huggies earrings are in the lead - small rings. The design has the following features:

  1. metal - silver, stainless steel and titanium, less often - white gold;
  2. inserts - wood, rock crystal or cubic zirkonia;
  3. color palette - black, gray, dark blue, green;
  4. the form of the decorative part - crosses, geometric figures, weapons.

Men wear a small earring in one, less often in two ears. Women wear both.


How to wear

Personal comfort is the main principle that is taken into account when choosing unisex jewelry. They can be combined with almost any casual wear: jeans, shirts, pullovers, t-shirts. To draw attention to accessories, you can choose a plain, but contrasting wardrobe.

Unisex style is combined with eco-style. Baggy bags, voluminous scarves, glasses are in harmony with any discreet jewelry made from natural materials.


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