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Ulyana Sergeenko and Yana Raskovalova jewelry

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Designer Ulyana Sergeenko and jeweler Yana Raskovalova joined forces, creating a jewelry collection for the brand Ulyana Sergeenko. Necklaces, earrings and brooches made of gold, precious and semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, and hand-painted enamel.

Fine jewelry reminiscent of those that used to be worn by our grandmothers and mothers. This easy retro mood and nostalgic glamor lend chic flair to jewelry.

Model, posing in straw hats and hand-embroidered flowers in the scarves of silk organza and lace mesh, vaguely like a movie star of the last century. Thick arrows, careless Babette, lips gloss... Like it or not, but all new is well overlooked old.

This collection is distinguished by the elegance and incredible femininity of each piece, a bracelet, earrings, pendant or hair clip. But perhaps the main element of the debut collection of Yana became cameos. Inspired by vintage markets in Paris, as well as having talent and taste, Jana came up with her collection of cameos, each is a limited edition and made of precious and semi-precious stones and mother-of-pearl with the technique of bas-relief. The collection boasts an impressive variety of styles, but also the richness of the original stones and materials: opal, ruby, tourmaline, onyx, garnet, pearls, sapphires and more.

The debut of Yana Raskovalova and its brand Yana can rightly be considered a very successful and promising.

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