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TRÈS RUSSE alphabet jewelry by Vera Glazunova

New Collection of Vera Glazunova's "Très Russe alphabet" - is a new look at the Slavic alphabet and Russian culture.

Designer has been reading Old church slavonic texts since she was a child, one of her favorite activities was looking at calligraphic albums, trying to redraw the intricate letters.

The presented collection consists of letters, designed in old style, but at the same time preserving the modern brevity.

Every piece of jewelry made of gold 750 and 585 and decorated with enamel - it can be worn individually, or as a set of letters, or as a combination of letters in the word. In addition to the jewelry pieces, artist and designer Vera Glazunova presented watercolors depicting ancient letters.

TRÈS RUSSE by Vera Glazunova - new jewelery brand created by artist Vera Glazunova and architect Anna Putilova. Philosophy of TRÈS RUSSE - the revival of the traditions of Russian jewelry art of the 17th - early 20th centuries. It is a new view on the ancent forms and on the jewelry tradition altogether, a new and deep reading of Russian culture and art. Deep knowledge of history and art help to combine a unique design and concept with recognizable, classical, and sometimes archaic forms. The collection includes a variety of beautiful earrings with enamel, a series of jewelry "L'amour L'amour", a collection of Christmas, "Snowflakes" and "Snowman" made of sea pearls, rings with Florentine mosaics from the early 20th century and more. All items are hand-made by Moscow masters.

Vera Glazunova is a daughter of artist Ilya Glazunov and Nina Vinogradova-Benoit. She graduated from Moscow State Academic Institute of fine arts named after I. Surikov; and historical painting workshop of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Professionally engaged in historical painting and graphics. In 2014, together with the architect Anna Putilova created a new Russian jewelry brand Très Russe. "Très Russe" jewelry appeal to the traditions of Russian jewelry art from the 17th century. 

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