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Tiffany & Co. unveils the East West mini timepiece

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Tiffany & Co. immortalises New York City in the minute grandeur that is the East West mini

Last year, the American maison released the East West timepiece collection, which turned the rules of watchmaking on their side. With a dial set horizontally instead of vertically, the East West blends elegance with audacity — setting it as a prime example of the house's long history of craftsmanship and innovation. Now, Tiffany's legacy of style and centuries of Swiss watchmaking expertise unite in the making of the East West mini. 

Reintroducing the East West watch, Tiffany releases the range in a scaled-down 37 x 22-millimetre rectangular stainless steel case that comes with a single strap as well as a double wrap to complement the dynamic design of the timepiece. Designed to reflect the architecture of New York City, the streamlined exterior of the East West mini is all about refined urbanity translated through three colour combinations — white dial with gold numerals and a black strap; blue dial with silver numerals and a blue calf strap; and of course, a Tiffany Blue dial with silver numerals and grey calf strap. 

Tiffany East West Mini timepiece in stainless steel, 37 x 22 mm, quartz movement, with a Tiffany Blue dial on a gray calf strap.

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