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Tiffany & Co. bestows the world with new designs for their famed Tiffany Setting


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You know the Tiffany Setting by heart. Now see it reimagined in a new rose gold facade and a limited 130th anniversary Pavé edition

It can be spotted from ten paces away and the sight of it sets hearts aflutter. What else can it be except the world's most coveted engagement ring? The famed Tiffany Setting is today 130 years old and still as timeless as ever from the moment founder Charles Lewis Tiffany bequeathed its sterling beauty upon mankind.

To own a Tiffany is to own a monumental piece of affection and solely for this reason, the iconic six-pronged platinum setting with its singular round-cut diamond has been the ring of choice among innumerable couples. To honor the rich heritage of this legendary advocate of love, Tiffany & Co. is offering a new rose gold setting crafted by the house's artisans whose flawless skill and dedicated pride weaves a new chapter of sleek modernity in the luxury jeweller's history. Tiffany & Co. rose gold Tiffany Setting The famed Tiffany Setting in a new rose gold band.


And just when you though the beauty of the Tiffany solitaire couldn't possibly be more elevated with this new setting, the rose gold band is accompanied by a limited edition Pavé setting that encircles the platinum ring and prongs with exquisitely cut diamonds all around. An exclusive tribute to the 130th birthday of the Tiffany Setting, this Pavé edition was inspired by a one-of-a-kind Tiffany ring featured in the New York maison's 2016 Blue Book Collection and is only available in, you guessed it, 130 pieces. For the lovebirds looking to tie the knot this year, these new Tiffany Settings are the immaculately dazzling symbols to represent your eternal affection. Tiffany & Co. limited edition Pave Tiffany Setting The 130th limited anniversary edition Tiffany Setting ring.

The limited anniversary edition Pavé Tiffany Setting will be available at select Tiffany & Co. stores around the world in September. Preorders will be accepted May through August. The Tiffany Setting in rose gold is available at Tiffany & Co boutiques.

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