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Three Muses of brand Damiani


Silvia Damiani opens up about three celebrities with whom she has deep ties not only of work, but also of sincere friendship

When people ask me about our work with the stars, I always remember the 1980s and 1990s . Now, probably, very few people remember, but in those years the fashion and jewelry brands rarely invited celebrities in ad campaigns - only models.

Cilviya Damiani

Silvia Damiani, Vice President and Director of Communications Damiani


And once I went on a business trip to Hong Kong: walked through the streets, and Isabella Rossellini literally "watched" on me from every building. Back home, I first got in touch with the actress and asked her to play in our advertising campaign. So we had our first collaboration with a star, and I became involved in "connections" of Damiani with the world of show business.

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Isabella Rossellini. Daughter of Ingrid Bergman became the main protagonist of the greatest number of Damiani advertising campaigns and still maintains a warm relationship with the brand


The most cordial relations established with Sophia Loren - she has never been just a "face" of the House, but most loyal client of the family and a friend. How many times have I come to her for advice ! And not only work advices, but also a very personal stories.

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Sophia Loren. In honor of the brilliant Italian Damiani even released a collection named Sophia Loren, with rose and white gold

It's hard to imagine a more wise woman than Sophia - she takes advantage of her age and with humor, refers to any problema.

Our finest hour took place thanks to Tilda Swinton, who wore a bracelet Sahara at the "Oscar" .

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Tilda Swinton. Friendship of the actress with Damiani is not limited to the ceremony "Oscar-2008". Although Tilda has never been an official brand ambassador she wears Damiani jewelry even on the set 


I was in Los Angeles with the actress, and a few hours before the ceremony, we tried on a dress with jewelry. Tilda worried that long sleeve of Lanvin dress would close the bracelet, to which I replied: "The main thing to get the coveted statuette."

Tilda then really won the main award for her role in "Michael Clayton." And even worrying on the stage, she did not forget to show off our decoration to photographers. Everybody in Damiani that evening rejoiced!

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