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The watch that ticks with passion: MB&F LM1 Silberstein

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Watch designer, Alain Silberstein, marks MB&F's Legacy Machine No.1 with more than just geometrics

When two trailblazers of the trade unite, the meeting of minds often bring about the extraordinary. Take the Swiss horology innovator's 42.5mm Legacy Machine No.1 for example. Given a makeover in watch designer Alain Silberstein's vision, the timepiece is ticking proof of the rule rather than the exception.  

Both Silberstein and Maximillain Büsser, founder of MB&F, took leaps of faith to get to where they are today. Marking the manual winding LM1 Silberstein with passion, the case band of the timepiece reads: 'Le vrai bonheur est d'avoir sa passion pour métier'. When translated, 'Making a profession of your passion is true happiness' — a window to the duo's effervescent souls. Injecting the timepiece with his penchant for primary colours and geometrics, the hands and markers of the LM1's dual time zone subdials are not the only aspects that bear Silberstein's touch. The previously convex dials now come concaved, a symbol that evokes the designer's belief in 'eternal time'. 


MB&F LM1 Silberstein

Calibrated to accomodate a power reserve of 45 hours, the watch also features the world's first vertical indicator positioned at 6 o'clock, a seamless pairing to the striking geometrics. Produced in titanium, black PVD treated titanium and 18-carat red gold (each variation comes in a limited quantity of a dozen), the LM1 Silberstein is a timepiece that's distinctively meant for more than just telling time. It's also a gorgeous testament to the wonders of two brilliant, passionate minds. 

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