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The new jewelery collection of Charlotte Casiraghi

Montblanc brand Charlotte Casiraghi has created a capsule line of Les Aimants ("Magnets") jewelry. By fixing magnets individual parts, you can create your own unique jewelry rings and bracelets.

"Nancy Сunard, the legendary writer and icon of the style of the 1920s, known for its bright and bold images inspired the creation of this collection. She loved combining several bracelets of different shapes, textures and sizes and wearing them on both hands, "explained Charlotte Casiraghi the idea of ​​a new jewelry line created with the Montblanc brand. It includes "compound" bracelets, rings and necklaces, which can be folded from several parts, connecting them with the help of hidden magnets. Colors and textures, the contrast of white and black, shadow and light, ice and stone. So, in one bracelet you can combine a wide ring of precious black resin, a thin ring of polished sterling silver, a wide rim of transparent resin with a complex engraving in the form of mountain peaks covered with snow and ice, and a narrow bracelet with a marbled pattern.

By the same principle, you can "create" your individual ring. The idea of ​​the attraction of opposites is also in the name of the collection: the word Les Aimants is translated from French as "magnets". The Montblanc symbol is engraved on the side of each rim.  "From the very beginning, we tried, rather, to reinterpret the role of jewelry in a new way, rather than create a traditional collection," says Zimm Kamal, creative director of Montblanc. "Charlotte realized that by playing out the opposite details, you can create jewelry with the ability to personalize."

Charlotte Casiraghi © PRESS SERVICE

The premiere of the collection Les Aimants was held in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival in the magnificent Villa La Favorite, designed in Belle Époque style.


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