Celebrating sunny, sandy days and sorbet-hued skies, De Beer's newest range features fancy-coloured diamonds. Inspired by pastel-hued beach houses on breezy shores, yellows, bright whites and tints of pink dominate the collection's colour palette.  

On top of the already extraordinary formation process, the creation of coloured diamonds is exquisitely fascinating: De Beers' journey through millions of years from deep in the earth's core to its surface is the random interaction or interchange of trace elements with their carbon make-up, or the equally irregular changes wrought by tremendous heat and pressure distorting the atomic structure. Thus, yellow diamonds are the result of nitrogen in the crystal. Found mainly in South Africa and Australia, yellow-coloured diamonds makeup only 1% of global production, making them covetable and valuable.

With 40 years of diamond expertise, De Beers Institute of Diamonds president, Andrew Coxon states, "It is impossible for two diamonds to look the same", further establishing the essence of the De Beers difference. The Diamonds of Character are cut to the same high standard as all of the De Beers diamonds, bringing out their sparkle
and making them truly extraordinary pieces. Believing that each and every diamond has its own personality, it's no surprise why the fancy-coloured diamond is a total gem; it's unique, rare and beautiful.