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The first collection of Mercury High Jewelery


The main element of the jewelery of high jewelery was colored stones. In addition to traditional rubies, sapphires and emeralds, Mercury jewelers also used the Brazilian alexandrite.   

Jewelry brand Mercury barely managed to celebrate its second birthday, and has already announced the launch of a "high" line of jewelry. The collection of Mercury High Jewelery includes mainly rings, as well as earrings and pendants made of platinum and gold, and each thing is created in the workshops of Valens in a single copy. All the jewelry is built according to the principle of classical composition: the central color stone is a cushion cut sapphire weighing 7.19 carats, a 4-carat oval ruby ​​or a 5-carat "pear" cut emerald- surrounded by petals, a whisk of diamonds, From 3 to 10-11 carats. Special mention deserves a rare alexandrite from Brazil - an oval stone weighing 3.38 carats adorns one of the rings.

There are bright yellow diamonds of more than carat weighing, a very worthy investment. Secondly, emeralds of a rich hue are immediately evident - similar stones, both Colombian and African, the last 15 years are only growing in price. Sapphires and rubies are chosen in a delicious weight category.

They found a luxurious natural alexandrite of more than three carats in weight for lovers of rarities. You can admire its color change - strong pleochroism from greenish-blue to dark pink - and rejoice that such stones since the discovery in 1834 have never fallen in price. All these decorations are set in platinum with gold accents and are ready to disperse on the boxes and safes of connoisseurs.





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