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Supermodel Gigi Hadid wears Nazar Jewellery from the evil eye


Spectacular blue eye necklace. Suddenly this will come in handy for you One of the jewelry micro-trends of 2020 - talismans and amulets that protect against the evil eye. Recently, jewelry "with eyes" is worn with might and main not only by tourists who have returned from Turkey, but also by influencers. For example, Meghan Markle and a big fan of superstitions and esoteric practices Gigi Hadid.



It is believed that the power of the "blue eye" lies in its ability to drive away evil spirits and protect the wearer from other people's bad wishes and curses. Similar ornaments were especially common in ancient Greece and Turkey. A history program on the BBC noted: “With such a fervent and widespread belief that the gaze is powerful and can cause catastrophic misfortune, it is not surprising that people of ancient civilizations sought means to reflect it. This led to the earliest iterations of the Nazar amulet we know today. "


According to the New York Times, nazar (the correct name for the amulet) as a decoration gained much more rapid and widespread adoption thanks to the beginning of the era of glass production.


The sacred jewelry trend continues to gain momentum today. So, the already mentioned Meghan Markle was spotted with a pendant from the evil eye during a Zoom call with Smart Works employees, and many believe that it contained a message to the press - "I'm not afraid of you, you won't do anything to me."

Last year, then-parents-to-be, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, shared on Instagram a photo of identical diamond bracelets for the evil eye, also interpreted as a special media appeal after news of their pregnancy leaked to all media.


The supermodel continues the precious trend into 2021. On the set of the Maybelline advertising campaign, from where Gigi was broadcasting almost live, she appeared in a laconic nude T-shirt with a massive chain around her neck. The necklace immediately caught everyone's attention - the gold links were adorned with an uneven pearl with decorative painting reminiscent of Nazar. The precious piece is by Martha Calvo. And Gigi took it off just for the shooting itself.


? FEBRUARY 9, 2021


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