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Stolen Ring of Kim Kardashian will fall into the hands of Russian oligarch

Experts in the jewelry business argued that an engagement ring of Kim Kardashian will not be sold on the open market, but a Russian or Middle Eastern oligarch will gladly buy it.

While the police are trying in vain to find a jewelry stolen from Kim Kardashian, experts in the jewelry business are arguing whether the robbers could sell the wedding ring worth 3.5 million pounds. As DailyMail sources say, it will be difficult to sell the ring with a huge diamond of 20 carats, designed by Lorraine Schwartz. According to jewelers, Kim’s diamond ring is so recognizable that no middleman would dare to buy stolen goods, albeit expensive.

However, experts argue that the ring can easily fall into the hands of the Russian or Middle East oligarch, which won't even care that the ring is stolen. "Kim’s ring will end up on the finger of Russian or Eastern girl", - told representative of international diamond industry.

Kim Kardashian Photo: Getty Images


However, sources believe that the criminals will not dare to break or cut a diamond:

"A diamond of 20 carats is valuable because of its size and transparency. If you break it, then the price will fall, that's why they sell it in Russia or in the Middle East, where they won't be asked about where their diamond comes from".

Stolen ring, experts say, is likely to be sold to corrupt traders in India or Dubai, where it will be given new Gemological certificate. This document is a kind of passport for a diamond, with detail characteristics: weight, color and clarity.

The source, who has experience in the African diamond mines, states: "Each stone has its own unique weight, shape and transparency. It's like fingerprints. If Kim’s engagement ring is presented on the open market, it will be identified… The diamond will be put up for sale only if it is certified as the new stone".

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