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Famous russian jewelry designer “Très Russe”

russian jewellery

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Jewellery in traditional Russian style - is not only a good way to develop the image, but also a decent way to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays these jewelry became extremely popular, they are designed to be weared  on off-days and weekdays. Their peculiarity is in the fact that most of them are created by hand, that's why they did stand out from the others. 


Ballet dancer of Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre Evgenia Obraztsova, model Natalia Vodianova. French born actress Cecile Sverdlov...these are just a handful of celebrity names have fallen head over heels for Vera Glazunov's iconic design, making her one of the most influental Russian jewelers.

Rose earrings made of gold with diamonds, picteresque enamel amd cirtine

Rose earrings made of gold with diamonds, picteresque enamel amd cirtine

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Famous russian jewelry designer Vera Glazunova was born in Moscow into a family of famous artists Ilya Glazunov and Nina Benoit. It is not difficult to guess that the girl grew up in an art environment, surrounded by paintings and icons. The images of princesses from different fairy tales excited the artist from an early age. At the age of three she already draw princesses and at the age of four – made headdress (“kokoshnik”), embellished with beads and bugles.

Her first headdress (“kokoshnik”), decorated with beads and beads, Vera Glazunova invented and created at the age of four, emulating the decorating skills of her mother, Nina Vinogradova-Benoit, theatrical wardrobe dresser. After many years and a number of paintings devoted to Russian culture and art, Vera got back in the arts and crafts world and together with the architect Anna Putilova created a collection of jewelry in the Russian craft style XVI-XVIII centuries.

Snowflake eaarings made of white gold with sapphires, topazes and enamel

Snowflake eaarings made of white gold with sapphires, topazes and enamel 


Their Russian Jewellery brand was called “Très Russe”. The kokoshnik, which looks like the one that Vera created when she was a kid, is used as a brand’s logo.

Most of the jewelry - gold earrings with pearls, diamonds and gemstones - has not yet been revealed, but there is no doubt Vera Glazunova continues the tradition of covering Russian theme with the utmost ease and an academic approach she inherited from her famous parents.

Russian gold "Mimosa"  earrings with turquoise and diamonds

Russian gold "Mimosa"  earrings with turquoise and diamonds 

The first jewellery, which they made for “TrèRusse”, were earrings in the shape of a cross. Their base was made of pearls with several stones: emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires. Later it turned out that similar earrings were popular among Russian girls in the XVII century.

Some pieces of jewellery are adorned with pearls, diamonds and gems. In the collection there are products made in the technique of cloisonne enamel and painting. Each piece has its own name in Russian or French (Mimosa, L'amour L'amour, etc).

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Russian gold "Thistle" earrings with , silver, amethysts, topazes


Faberge egg imperial collection 

Faberge egg imperial collection

In Romanov Russia, Easter was the most revered and festive holiday and it was a tradition in imperial Romanov family to present Faberge Easter Eggs at Easter and Christmas. This tradition came from the old practice of giving eggs in middle-class and poor families.  In all, from 1886 to 1916, the House of Faberge created 54 Imperial Easter Eggs. Each one was a unique fantasy executed in precious metals, diamonds, hard stones, pearls, rubies, enameling, and with embellishments of exquisite delicacy. Beyond their overt beauty, each egg opened to reveal a surprise. Every year, Faberge invented surprises of increasing complexity and delight. The tradition was broken immediately after Revolution that changed the course of world history, but half a century later this noble age-old tradition has been reborn with new vigour.

Unusual and interesting jewelry with the main symbol of the holiday, bright eggs, are given as a most wanted present in a variety of families.

Jewellery with Easter motifs - mostly pendants - were created by the most jewelers before the Revolution. It’s not surprise for famous russian jewelry designer Vera Glazunova made a thematic mini collection that is associated with the Faberge Egg imperial collection. This items could be designed for his imperial highness and filled up collection of Russian royal family jewels.

Brand TrèRusse” is inextricably linked to the Russian history, culture and art. Creating lavish jewels and precious objects, famous russian jewelry brand “TrèRusse” is aiming to reclaim glorious past of Russian Empire, the beauty of a lost world, and international reputation for excellence. While the Faberge egg imperial collection show the jeweler’s own view of beauty, and are a tribute to Romanov era traditions of acknowledged craftsmen, the other precious objects were given a modern twist.

Here are three trends: the pin brooch made of silver and gold with corundum or rubies, as well as earrings and ring with red Faberge Eggs with jewel-like enameling. It was a good idea to combine the gold and silver, to convey the vintage mood of knick-knacks - it is a typical technique of Russian jewellers late XIX - early XX century.  



Snowman earrings 

Snowman earrings with gold, pearls, enamel, topazes, diamonds

Snowman earrings with gold, pearls, enamel, topazes, diamonds


Snowman earrings by Russian jewelry brand Très Russe resemble the heroes of old Christmas cards or an awkward Snowman - mailer from the old Soviet cartoon. These earrings are inspired by snowman, which we used to love when we were kids. Snowman is not only a creature in a stolen hat at the foot of the fir trees.. it seems to reflect the meaning of winter. It is a part of Christmas atmosphere like presents and children throwing snowballs.


Ballet dancer of Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre Evgenia Obraztsova

These earrings fill our heart with childish joy and help to go back in time when every single thing caused for sincere joy, trees appeared like great phantoms and first snow was a miracle. As adults we admire the kid's toys from a nostalgic distance. But nostalgia, as always, works flawlessly - hand already reaches for the purchase unintentionally.

It’s not the first time snowman earrings appear in the Très Russe collections. But this time the model has undergone some changes. Snowman dressed up, getting enameled bucket on his head and a broom. Earrings made of white gold and encrusted with 750 diamonds, rubies, topazes, emeralds, sapphires. 

Snowman earrings with gold, pearls, enamel, topazes, diamonds

Snowman earrings with gold, pearls, enamel, topazes, diamonds

Jewellery “TrèRusse” reflect history, fashion, love and look as if they came out from an old master painting or Russian fairy tales books. And earrings in the form of snowman and snowflakes are the essence of Russian beauty.

According to famous russian jewelry designer, Vera Glazunova, everything can be turned into a jewel, but it is very important in this case to have an artistic eye, to be able to express ideas on paper.

The sketch, by the way, takes more time than the production of jewelry itself. On average it takes a couple of months to create a “TrèRusse” collection. In addition, the company provides the buyer with right to create his very own custom design, so the wearer can create a completely unique piece. However everybody can order “Tres Russe” exclusive earrings, or, for example, a brooch in russian style.

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