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Russian jewellery house SASONKO: "I would like to be on a par with the great jewelers"

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Soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Kristina Shapran wears earrings from the collection of Ballet Cocktail jewelry by SASONKO

Soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Kristina Shapran wearing earrings from the collection "Ballet Cocktail jewelry" by SASONKO

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Gregory, give three quick fun facts about yourself.

My hobbies are climbing, I have a weakness for Japanese jewelers and do not collect anything.

You studied cybernetics. Tell me how you became a jeweler?

It's my father - he began an affair. And then I went in. It's very beautiful business.

Russian ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina wearing earrings from the collection of "Ballet Cocktail jewelry" by SASONKO

Why is your last collection about ballet? Are you a ballet lover?

I was once impressed by Slovenian ballet Radio and Juliet - ballet to music by Radiohead. I had never seen anything like this. Before the "ballet" collection, there were a tutu-shaped ring and earrings. We liked the result, and we decided to use the idea for a whole series of jewelry.

In your opinion, why do people buy jewelry?

They decorate and emphasize the human status. Nothing else matters.

And do you wear jewelry?

I have always a wedding ring with me. It is very simple, without stones. There is suspension in the form of chip on a chain - the first piece of jewelery that I wore and still wear.

What is your favorite metal?

750 yellow gold.

Tell honestly: Do you dream of worldwide recognition?

Of course. We are far from Cartier or Tiffany level, it took centuries for them to follow their own path and be different from the others. But I want to be on a par with the best jewelers - at least among connoisseurs.

Russian ballerina Ilze Liepa wearing earrings from the collection of "Ballet Premiere jewelry" by SASONKO

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