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Repossi released Normandy rocks-shaped rings

Italian brand founded 98 years ago and is part of the LVMH

The network has pictures of the new Antifer jewelry collection by Repossi. Antifer - the name of a rocky beach in Normandy (as it is called Thiel). Therefore, jewelry has pointed part - they symbolize the cliffs tops.

The pictures of minimalist bracelets, rings and earrings of fine gold are displayed in natural conditions. For example, against the background of strawberry fields and blue sky. On models - things made of natural fabrics: organic cotton and wool.

The cost of jewelry starts from 500 euros for a ring in the form of heart and drops. You can Buy items on site and in a corner of the Repossi Central Department Store.

Gaia Repossi has become the fairy-tale "Prince Charming" that has brought Sleeping Beauty back from its slumber. The jewellery brand that is about to celebrate its hundredth anniversary was brought that back to the top of its game by the 27-year-old heiress. Her artful yet minimalist pieces in the spirit of new Repossi have set trends across the industry.

Repossi jewelry house founded in 1920. Who owns the brand Gaia Repossi - great-granddaughter of the founder of the brand. She also spans the post of creative director. In 2013, British Elle awarded Gaia Award in the category "Best Jewelery Designer of the Year", and in November 2015 largest fashion group LVMH bought Repossi shares.


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