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Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski showed off a gorgeous engagement ring with diamonds


Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski showed a gorgeous engagement ring with diamonds

The 29-year-old model boasted a jewel that her husband gave her. Emily Ratajkowski explained why it took a long time to part with a modest wedding jewelry she bought in Chinatown.

Since the wedding in February 2018, the model has worn a simple yellow gold ring. The couple had been preparing for the wedding ceremony for only two days, so they could not find suitable accessories. As a result, the future spouses decided to simply buy a piece of gold in Chinatown and make wedding jewelry out of it. “The husband found a man who melted a gold bar and made rings out of it with a blowtorch,” the Daily Mail quotes the model.

Now the mother-to-be wears a luxurious ring on her ring finger, studded with a lot of shining diamonds. The star of the movie "Pretty Woman" proudly showed the decoration in close-up. She posed for the camera in a white top with her hair down.


YOUTUBE CLICK AND SEE facebook FB vk VK ok OK Instadiva with her husband and beloved dog Colombo got out for a walk along the streets of New York. The pregnant model appeared in public in a stylish outfit. Emily wore a navy bodysuit and loose jeans. The expectant mother has diluted the everyday ensemble with glamorous elements. She threw a trendy khaki plush coat over her shoulders and paired it with stiletto heels embellished with a snake print. The star wore massive bronze earrings.


Emily Ratajkowski went for a walk in a glamorous outfit Emily Ratajkowski went for a walk in a glamorous outfit Legion-Media Ratajkowski and her husband did not forget about the precautions - they put on protective masks. The model completed the look with a dark beanie and oversized sunglasses. Emily unbuttoned her coat and revealed a rounded belly. The American movie star recently revealed a photo taken the day she found out about the interesting situation. At that moment, Emily was still blonde.


Emily Ratajkowski went for a walk with her husband and dog Colombo Emily Ratajkowski went for a walk with her husband and dog Colombo, Legion-Media




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