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Pavel Priluchnyy showed a photo with a wedding ring


Information about the secret marriage of Pavel Priluchnyy to his new lover Zepyur Brutyan appeared on the Web.

Officially, the couple did not comment on the rumors about their wedding, but Priluchnyy showed off his engagement ring.

Recently, information appeared on the Web that the Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyy officially registered his relationship with his new lover, the young actress Zepyur Brutyan. Allegedly, the marriage was concluded on May 12, 2022.

The couple met on the set of the series "In a Cage", and now they are resting on the exotic island of Mauritius. The lovers do not comment on rumors of marriage, however, in response to numerous questions from fans, Priluchnyy published his photo, where he shows a wedding ring on his finger.

In addition, on his blog, the actor tirelessly writes that he is finally happy in a relationship.

Users of social networks are divided in opinion: someone supports the choice of Pavel, and someone worries about the previous chosen ones of the famous actor - ex-wife Agatha Muciniece and beloved Miroslava Karpovich.

By the way, the "daddy's daughter" herself reacted to Pavel's possible marriage in her social networks. She said that you need to be happy for any choice of a person, if you truly love him.


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