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Paulina Andreeva showed off her wedding ring



It is likely that the director finally proposed to the actress.

At one of the secular parties, she posed for photographers with a graceful ring on her right hand. In acting circles, they even began to talk about a secret wedding. Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva Photo: Instagram Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva are one of the most beautiful couples in Russian show business. The stars constantly appear together at fashion parties and look very happy. Despite the fact that the lovers have been together for three years, they have not legalized their relationship. Rumor has it that Fyodor Bondarchuk pulled out with a new marriage because of some property disputes with his former wife Svetlana.

Recently, surrounded by a star couple, they finally started talking about an imminent wedding. After all, if earlier the right hand of the actress was decorated with a large jewelry with an emerald, then recently a modest wedding ring has been worn on her ring finger. Recently, Paulina Andreeva appeared at the birthday party of her colleague Alexander Petrov, where she no longer hid her new status. Actor Andrei Burkovsky published a photo from the holiday, where Bondarchuk's chosen one holds a glass of water in her right hand, on which a gold ring is clearly visible. True, he soon deleted this picture from Instagram.


Paulina Andreeva showed the ring Photo: Instagram Recall that recently Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva have already become spouses, though on the screen. The actors first appeared in this status on the set of a New Year's commercial. Incidentally, this advertisement was Paulina's first on-screen appearance after reports that she was taking a break from her film career to focus on theatrical activities. Paulina Andreeva began to appear on a bullet with a wedding ring Photo: Instagram


Paulina Andreeva was at the center of the scandal. It turned out that during her student days, the actress had an affair with Vladimir Mashkov himself. It turned out that it was thanks to this love affair that the beauty began to appear both in the cinema and on the theatrical stage. Fans of the couple hope that, despite the gossip about past novels, Fedor will nevertheless propose to his beloved, who, for sure, would dream of marrying him. Until recently, the actress wore other rings on her finger


Photo: Legion-media

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