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One piece of jewelry from the "Bridgerton" series can cost more than $ 12 million: experts have estimated


The Netflix romance series Bridgerton is a spectacular costume show. As it turned out, the estimated cost of jewelry that you can see on the characters of this TV show is millions of dollars. There are original and very expensive pieces of jewelry. Their rough estimate was made by experts from the Steven Stone company.

The Bridgerton

There are many factors that make the 2020 Netflix costume romance series Bridgerton so interesting and entertaining. It can be safely called a work of art, considering the plot line, and also considering the mesmerizing costumes, incredibly expensive jewelry, beautiful and detailed furniture from the Regency era, made to order especially for this show.

Series Popularity

Many fans of the series may believe that this cinematic show has become popular thanks to the appearance of several interesting and attractive characters, such as the Duke of Hastings, played by Rege-Jean Paige.. However, the real spectacle was to be the unique elegant decorations that were on display throughout the entire event.

In the Bridgerton world, all diamonds and gems don't seem like a big deal at all. Each episode of the series showcases luxury, sophistication and wealth. But did you know that many of these beautiful pieces of jewelry are really worth millions? While the exact price of the jewelry has not yet been disclosed by Netflix, jewelry experts have stated that just one piece of jewelry in a single series could have an estimated value of around $ 12.2 million (910 million rubles) or a whopping 610 million pesos! Who might own these incredibly luxurious accessories? How much does each one cost?

Daphne's necklace made of white gold with a large diamond

In the fourth episode Prince Friedrich, played by Freddie Stroma, offers Daphne Bridgerton, played by actress Phoebe Dinevor, a stunning diamond necklace that will suit any princess. It is adorned with five diamonds and is worth $ 6.1 million (455 million rubles) or 305 million pesos.


Daphne's Gold Pear Diamond Necklace

A cheaper alternative to Daphne's wonderful white gold necklace is the gold pear often seen on her in previous series. However, don't be fooled. Indeed, it costs several million dollars less. But it cannot be called cheap, since its estimated cost is $ 1 million (74 million rubles).


Lady Danbury's White Gold Tiara and White Gold Marquise Choker

Lady Danbury's amazing white gold tiara, played by actress Ajoa Ando, ​​is also impressive. This beautiful piece of jewelry with more than 100 carats of diamonds is worth over $ 8.7 million (649 million rubles) or 435 million pesos. In the same ensemble, she pairs the tiara with the incredibly gorgeous Marquise necklace, which is valued at approximately $ 5.2 million (RUR 388 million). This is just one of her expensive outfits.


Queen Charlotte's drop earrings in yellow gold with a bloody ruby

​​Everyone knows that the most expensive jewelry in the film will be worn by the Queen herself. Experts have estimated her fantastic set of gold earrings with rubies at about $ 12.2 million (910 million rubles).


Marina Thompson's gold diamond necklace

The elegant and incredibly sophisticated necklace of Marina Thompson, played by actress Ruby Barker, is also attracting a lot of attention. She has demonstrated this amazing decoration at several balls. Probably, its cost should be about 2.6 million dollars (194 million rubles) or 125 million pesos.


Butterfly necklace in yellow gold and turquoise of Portia

This heroine of the series is known not only for her colorful dresses. Portia Fitrington's gold necklace with a turquoise butterfly, played by actress Polly Walker, is estimated at $ 43,000 (3,209,928 rubles).


With all of these colossally expensive pieces of jewelry, and with the show's special attitude to the finest details of the characters' costumes and sets that create the atmosphere of the Regency era, you can probably appreciate the true value of this unique cinematic work. True, the value of any film lies not so much in the scenery and outfits as in the plot and in the acting.


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