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Olga Buzova's birthday jewelry gifts: diamonds worth 12 million rubles



The singer was showered with luxury items by close friends in honor of her birthday.

Olga Buzova celebrated her 36th birthday the day before. She carefully documented the process of unpacking gifts in her Instagram story. According to , among the gifts were an LV bag worth 218 thousand rubles with a bracelet from the same collection. Her manager Anton Bogoslavsky gave the singer a set of Bvlgari jewelry. Buzova boasted of diamonds for 12 million rubles, which she was presented with


The cost of these earrings, ring and necklace with diamonds is estimated at about 12 million rubles. It is noteworthy that Olga Buzova spent about 15 million rubles on the celebration of her birthday, which is approximately equal to the value of the gifts she received. By the way, Olga Buzova unpacked gifts in very revealing home clothes, through which her breasts were clearly visible .

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