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Object of desire: Earrings Messika Gigi Hadid

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From the collaboration of the French brand and supermodel

The French brand has teamed up with the model Messika Gigi Hadid, and together they have created a collection of jewelry, which, on the one hand, reflect the nature of punk Gigi and the other, to transmit the main components of the brand's DNA - timelessness, elegance and versatility. We have chosen Move Addiction earring to wear on the right ear. Decorating inherits the tradition of earrings Messika Move line, with its design completely rethought in the spirit Hadid - earring resembles a paper clip made of white gold and encrusted with tiny diamonds.

To celebrate ten years of his collection Move, its bestseller, the jeweler will offer a top for its new campaign. Gigi Hadid also designed an anniversary collection.

The photo shoot took place last June in a New York studio with the famous duo Mert & Marcus fashion photographers. For Valerie Messika , it was "a great moment." Gigi Hadid has beautiful figure in many luxury campaigns, it's a nice haul for the jeweler. "I wanted to mark ten years of Move with a strong campaign, says the artistic director. But it is difficult to choose a muse ... Gigi Hadid is spontaneous and solar, just as I imagine the woman Messika . In addition, she has a fashion eye and attention to detail that have conquered me. "

Bella's sister did indeed not merely lend his features to the jeweler, she also participated in the creation of an anniversary line called Move addiction. The two women worked together on the collection, starting from the Move to flat ring and opening on the side. Random drawing, this form draws a G ... like Gigi. 

"The experience of creating four hands was exciting, reports the top. Valerie immediately understood what I was looking through this collaboration imagine chic jewelry, timeless and easy to wear day or night. " The duo drew thirteen pieces that will be on sale in the Paris flagship store and the e-shop from tomorrow, and all other points of sale from 30 September. String bracelet with a diamond necklace three rows fully paved, through the earcuff going back on the tip, there is something for everyone and every budget (from 890 euros for the ring ring).


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