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New life of Monet paintings in jewelry



Inspired by the work of great impressionists, the SOKOLOV designers have released an updated line of Etude collection, dedicated to the paintings of the French artist Claude Monet. Three masterpieces of painting: "Vase with Peonies", "Branch of Lemon Tree" and "Water Lilies" received a second birth in silver ornaments, made in the technique of cold enamel - a business card of the Russian jewelry brand. 

Monet paintings in jewelry


For a more complete and accurate reproduction of the details of the picture, the SOKOLOV master preferred the complex technique of cold enameling and partial rhodium-plating. It is the enamel that best conveys all the richness and brightness of the colors of the artist's paintings, and also allows decorations to look stylish and effective.

SOKOLOV Designers again managed to embody an ode to Love, a love of life - the very one that Claude Monet managed to discern in every single moment of being with its mobility and variability. A nice addition will be a silk handkerchief with one of Monet's prints, which every buyer will receive as a gift when buying two items from the Etude collection.

Monet paintings in jewelry


Monet paintings in jewelry

SOKOLOV jewelers were forced to speak the language of flowers, embodying Feminine in the design of earrings, pouches, pendants and rings created for the motives of "Water Lilies". A surprisingly feminine set is perfect for creating a refined and stylish image.


Monet paintings in jewelry

Romantic mood of enamel masters was imprinted in decorating decorations reproducing the leitmotifs "Vases with Peonies". Bright and at the same time gentle images of flowering peonies ideally reflect the image of romantic natures, able to see beauty in every moment of life.

The branch of Lemons 

A healthy vitality is called upon to give us succulent fruits with the "lemon branches" bending from gravity. Add color to the everyday image, emphasize the tan and energize the sun - with all this will cope with a bright set of gilded silver. 

Monet paintings in jewelry

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