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New in: Versace's Fine Jewellery arrives at Harvey Nichols

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Versace have just launched four iconic fine jewellery collections.

Versace continues to increase it's fashion forward offerings here in the Middle East by launching their coveted fine jewellery collection in Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates. With four iconic ranges now available — Virya, Greca, Medusa and Vedana — expect to recieve an injection of the label's strong and defined aesthetic with rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

Staying true to the label's bold signature style, the Virya collection is infused with Greek Empire-esque cues — think coloured gemstones including amethysts, onyx and honey citrine — while Greca carries another one of the label's iconic symbols: the Greek key. 

The brand's logo, a Greek mythological figure aptly named Medusa, is consistently seen throughout the collection transcribing a powerful fashion statement through pendants, chunky bracelets and cocktail rings, while the Vedana collection showcases a more delicate approach to accessorising with colourful beaded stones and unique designs.  

Browse through the Virya, Greca, Medusa and Vedana jewellery collections now... 


Versace Virya Large Sautoire, Dhs77,200Versace Virya Pendant, Dhs41,000Versace Virya Ring, Dhs34,900Versace Virya Studs, Dhs12,000Versace Greca Bangle, Dhs33,500Versace Greca Bracelet, Dhs10,700Versace Greca Earrings, Dhs16,900Versace Greca Ring, Dhs10,300Versace Greca Small Pendant, Dhs6,300Versace Medusa Earrings, Dhs9,200Versace Medusa Large Bracelet, Dhs50,000Versace Medusa Large Pendant, Dhs8,300Versace Medusa Large Ring with Diamonds, Dhs23,200Versace Medusa Pendant with Baguette Diamonds, Dhs25,700Versace Vedana Earrings, Dhs76,100Versace Vedana Earrings, Dhs60,300Versace Vedana Ring, Dhs213,500Versace Vedana Ring, Dhs69,300Versace Vedana Ring, Dhs51,100

Versace's Fine Jewellery collection is now available at Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates. 

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