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Nargiz Zakirova Sparks Engagement Rumors with Max Fadeev sharing photo of the ring

Fans of singer Nargiz Zakirova divided opinions: some believe that she is in a close relationship with the producer Maxim Fadeev, others say that the two musicians are just friends.

Russian singer Nargiz Zakirova revealed a ring that gave her peers, producer and composer Maxim Fadeev. Singer unveiled photos on her Instagram with the caption: 

"In anticipation of the staggering accomplishments waxing moon worked her magic. I reached out hand to you, the genius. I am engaged to music and endless inspiration".

Producer and singer have long cooperated, they recorded several songs together.

Zakirova's followers ambiguously received the photo, where the ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand of the singer. Some began to congratulate Zakirova and wish couple happiness and mutual understanding, while others reminded that Fadeev is happily married.

"He loves his wife. And certainly presented simply gift." - says one of the followers.

In 2017, singer divorced her husband - musician Philip Balzano. Fadeev helped her with a complicated divorce.

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