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Luxury life of Elina Bazhaeva: bracelets for 15 million and private jet

Closet of 22-year-old daughter of tycoon Musa Bazhaev can be an object of envy of any student at MGIMO.

"Thank you, Dad, for the beautiful life that you are giving us" - said Elina Bazhaeva, congratulating her father Musa Bazhaev with 50-year anniversary. For the day of the father’s Birthday 22-year-old Elina went to Paris, to the boutique of Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. The choice of Moscow demanding client fell on a magnificent princess dress from the spring Haute Couture collection worth almost 3 million rubles. Earlier Elina got a blue dress for the wedding of her sister Maryam. Wife of actor John Legend - model Chrissy Teigen wore the similar dress from the same collection at the "Oscar" ceremony. For her marriage to Bek Ali Khan Mamakaev Elina chose Zuhair Murad dress for 20 million rubles. Elina bought second white dress to the knee especially for the second day after the wedding.

Elina Bazhaeva / Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Spring 2015 dresses

Photography: Social Networks

For the anniversary of her father's Elina chose a Zuhair Murad Houte Couture dress Photography: Social Networks

Musa Bazhaev’s daughter has a particular weakness for expensive jewelry. She wears several Cartier bracelets at the same time. Fully covered with the purest diamonds Cartier Love and Juste Un Clou bracelets in the boutique at Petrovka are estimated to cost more than four million rubles each. Elina compliments her look with less expensive jewelry from the same collection. These multi-encrusted diamonds cost about 750 thousand rubles each. Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet with malachite worth 400 thousand rubles graces her finger. In addition to Rolex Green Submariner watches Elina wears Stephen Webster Ring in white gold with black rhodium-plated with diamonds and emeralds, valued at half a million rubles.

According to Elina Bazhaeva, the Cote d'Azur and Paris are the best places for shopping in the world. Heiress of father's billion condition seasonally updates there her wardrobe. Elina does not have to stand in line for a few bags of Hermes, as the simple commoner. Store employees on Rue de Sèvres smile politely at Elina and her mother Louise, and take out of the closet the most expensive models of Birkin and Kelly. Young Bazhaeva prefers bag, named after Princess Grace Kelly. This accessory is estimated at one million rubles. Women's wardrobe consists of dozen of Fendi Peecaboo handbags for 200 thousand rubles each, and Valentino and Chanel accessories.

Elina Bazhaeva in Zuhair Murad dresses Photography: Social Networks

Elina Bazhaev awith Hermes Kelly bags (1 million rubles) and of Valentino (120 thousand rubles) Photography: Social Networks

Hermes Kelly Bag

Fendi Peecaboo Bag & Rolex Green Submariner Watches

Valentino Bag

Valentino Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag

As a student at MGIMO, Elina came out of the expensive Mercedes S-class car in the car park. Elina’s bodyguard walked her to the door of the institution, where Bazhaeva received a bachelor's degree at the Faculty of International Journalism. He accompanied a beauty-Chechen woman in the restaurants, cinema and walks in the park. Elina had a rest in the Forte Village in Sardinia hotel owned by her father. A huge area is protected by a guard troops, and the guests are strictly forbidden to take pictures. Elina went on holiday on the family private jet.

Photography: Social Networks

Once married Elina left unloved Moscow and now travels around the United States, where Bazhaeva claims: "Everywhere is better than Russia".

Wedding Dress of Elina Bazhaeva


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