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Luxurious Alina Kabaeva in a fashionable suit showed off a wedding ring


Olympic champion visited the training of young gymnasts

Alina Kabaeva rarely goes out: the Olympic champion makes an exception only for important sporting events, and also for training her young wards. In December 2022, Alina opened the Celestial Grace Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Sochi. Gymnastics stars from all over Russia come here. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, the girls hone their skills. Kabaeva regularly visits the pupils of the Academy and monitors their progress in training. The day before, Alina visited the control training of young gymnasts.


The Olympic champion arrived at the Academy in an elegant summer outfit: white trousers, a matching T-shirt and a sky blue blazer. The athlete left her hair loose and did minimal makeup. Alina visited the control training of young gymnasts. Photo: video frame. Everyone has long been interested in the engagement ring on the star's ring finger. Alina often goes out with it, but sometimes she forgets about the decoration. This time the ring was in place and shone brightly on the hand of the Athenian champion. At the meeting, the girls handed Kabaeva a basket of flowers. Alina carefully asked the pupils how they feel at the Academy.

And then I watched their workout. Anna Repina, daughter of the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Svetlana Zakharova, took part in the demonstration performances. Alina noted the obvious successes of the girl. “She said that since last time I have become better, that you never have to feel sorry for yourself in training,” Anna told reporters. The Olympic champion showed a wedding ring on her ring finger.


Photo: video frame.

At the end of the training, Alina admonished young athletes for hard work and sporting achievements: “As we see now, we have colossal competition within the country. I am sure that thanks to such coaches who train you, you will learn on your own, then you will become coaches yourself. Never stop. Always go ahead and win. I wish you all good luck. Get ready for new starts, new camps. I am very glad that you are here, in such conditions. I'm sure it will help you a lot. We are always waiting for you here,” the Olympic champion emphasized. Alina Kabaeva is the most famous pupil of the famous coach Irina Viner. Very young in 1995, she joined the Wiener group. She was 11 years old. Five years later, at the Sydney Olympics, she won bronze. Another four years passed, and Alina took the gold medal in Athens. At the end of her sports career, Alina did not become a coach, although she strongly supports her favorite gymnastics. She holds the post of chairman of the board of directors in the holding "National Media Group". 

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