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Lana Del Rey showed off the engagement ring


You can remove the status "in active search" and delete Lana Del Rey from the list of singles. She is now engaged to Evan Winicker , according to Billboard . The couple's romance lasts only a few months. Lovers try to keep their relationship a secret. Therefore, fans and journalists have to turn on the Sherlocks. Rumors of an imminent wedding scattered in early March. Then Lana appeared at the Billboard Women In Music 2023 ceremony with a ring on her ring finger. Also, the future newlyweds were seen together in a restaurant in Pioneertown, California. Little is known about the chosen one of the singer.



Most likely, creativity brought the couple together.

Winicker is a managing partner at Range Media Partners, an artist promotion company. Evan has collaborated with Jared Leto , Daya and Walk Off the Earth. They say Winicker produced Del Rey's fresh LP. Her album Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd was number 9. The record resembles a selection of candid audio recordings. It was she who helped Lana win an award at Billboard Women In Music 2023. “I feel like being happy is the ultimate goal. So I did it" - said the performer at the opening speech. Lana Del Rey with ex-boyfriend Sean Larkin

Photo: Rolling Stone archive, Getty Images, social networks

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