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Keira Knightley presents new Chanel earrings

The jeweler unit of Chanel fashion house celebrates the spring with novelties in the collection of Coco Crush, inspired by a diamond-shaped stitch matelassé, familiar to the cult bags of the brand. The main find of the jewelers was a small earring, which can be worn both on the earlobe and on its other parts. In addition, for the first time in Chanel jewelry history, cuffs in two types of gold, yellow and white were released.

Actress Keira Knightley introduces a line of Coco Crush, showing how you can mix decorations among themselves.

Designers of Chanel Fine Jewelry have chosen a springboard for experiments - a collection of Coco Crush. These inspired by the diamond-shaped stitched matelassé, which everyone saw on the iconic Chanel bags, decorations can be worn every day. If you want to look elegant, you just need to increase the number of single-piece items. Keira Knightley is showing how to wear them right. For example, in the new season, you can buy yourself earrings, which can be worn in both ear lobe and the cartilage. It seems that abundant piercing is no longer considered a jeweler's mistake of youth. On the contrary, now it is an occasion to indulge in an unusual decoration.  

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