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Kazimir Malevich inspired jewelry by "Heart of Moscow"

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The Heart of Moscow released a new collection of icons based on the work of the artist Kasimir Malevich. The collection includes paintings "four square" and "Suprematism" and "Mower" with the same name work. The release of new pins was timed to the exhibition «Kazimir Malevich. Not only the "Black Square" by "at the Exhibition Center, which covers all stages of the creation of Suprematism inventor. Badges will be available at the pavilion "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", where the exhibition takes place, as well as at online store Heart of Moscow. The exhibition opened at the Exhibition Center in November and will run until 25 February 2018. The exhibition includes early works by the artist of the 1900s, futuristic paintings of the 10th, as well as portraits of the early 30's.

The State Tretyakov Gallery owns the finest collections of Russian avant-garde. We strongly recommend to go to the museum on a winter vacation to see this firsthand. Meanwhile, for those who love the classic works of modernism, souvenir brand “Heart of Moscow”, issued a collection of pins based on the works held in the gallery. The first pin was inspired by the "Black Square", now there are others - they repeat elements of the equally famous and important works of Malevich, Cluny Popova, Goncharov, Chashnik, Larionov and Chebotarev.

The Heart of Moscow brand was founded in 2011. He is engaged in the production of souvenirs, in particular, badges, dedicated to the Russian avant-garde. Heart of Moscow made collaborations with the Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage", the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Pushkin Museum. Alexander Pushkin and other institutions.

Choosing pins, it is easy to check out your own knowledge of the history of art. For example to find out where the "Suprematism" by Kliun and where the eponymous painting by Chashnik or which peasant is painted by Malevich, and which is painted by Chebotarev.


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