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Kaia Gerber, Sisters Hadid, Blake Lively, Beyonce and other celebs who wear budget jewelry


It's no secret that many celebs, along with clothes from famous designers, also wear outfits from the mass market. Even in the wardrobe, royals have clothes of budget brands - for example, Kate Middleton has repeatedly appeared in public in dresses from Zara and Topshop. However, celebrities don't wear only gold and precious diamonds - they are happy to wear simple costume jewelry. Today we are talking about the stars, whose best friends are not only diamonds.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a big fan of accessories. She just loves chains, layered necklaces, large earrings and rings. And not all of her jewelry is precious. The 24-year-old star does not consider it shameful to wear inexpensive jewelry, and not only if she needs to run to the nearest coffee shop, but also to go out. So, at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris as part of men's Fashion Week in 2018, she appeared in Jenny Bird hoop earrings worth $ 70.


Bella Hadid


Another brand that Bella prefers is Luv Aj. A star-like necklace can be purchased for as little as $ 80.



Gigi Hadid

Bella's older sister, Gigi Hadid, is also not yet a big fan of precious stones and metals. The 25-year-old model wears jewelry with pleasure. In the end, why not, if it looks elegant and creates the illusion of expensive jewelry. Star earrings from Roxanne Assoulin cost $ 120.



Gigi Hadid There are even cheaper jewelry in the Gigi collection. These sparkly long earrings from Baublebar are available for as little as $ 42.

You can wear them both with an evening dress, and with a more informal way, as the model did.



Gigi Hadid

Blake Lively

Kendra Scott's expensive looking seashell earrings actually cost $ 130. Blake Lively, 33, wore jewelry with a Michael Kors fur coat and Valentino boots.



Blake Lively

Beyonce Beyoncé , 39 , can certainly afford precious jewelry easily, and of course she does. But along with them in her collection, bijouterie perfectly coexists, and very budgetary. These chains from Jlani range from $ 50 to $ 80.





Beyonce Nicki Minaj The 38-year-old famous rapper Niki Minaj also has Jlani accessories. If you like her jewelry, then we hasten to please: they are often quite budgetary, like, for example, these rings. They cost only $ 45.



Nicki Minaj

Kaia Gerber

19-year-old Kaia Gerber also found a place for jewelry in the arsenal of jewelry. Bagatiba gold-plated earrings are universal: they can be worn as a set with a swimsuit or with an evening dress. All the fun for $ 120.



Kaia Gerber

Emily Ratzkowski

On the other hand, 29-year-old Emily Ratzkowski prefers jewelry, so this piece by Ventrone Chronicles is rather an exception in her case. A modest chain with two icons depicting the Virgin Mary cost her $ 45.


Emily Ratzkowski


Lily Collins

To replicate a stellar look, you don't always have to fork out. For example, this necklace from Adornmonde cost 31-year-old actress Lily Collins just over $ 70.


Lily Collins


Jasmine Tux

If you love gold, you don't have to spend your entire budget on gold jewelry - you can perfectly combine jewelry with jewelry made of precious metal. As, for example, did the 30-year-old model Jasmine Tux, who picked up simple earrings from the Luv Aj brand to the gold chain and bracelet. This "luxury" costs only $ 45.


Jasmine Tux


Vanessa Hudgens

Massive star earrings look quite expensive and very stylish. They go especially well with her low bun - 32-year-old Vanessa successfully focused attention on them, collecting her hair. This accessory from BaubbleBar cost her $ 38.


Vanessa Hudgens


Lucy Hail

Started by actress Lucy Hale, 31, these silver earrings from Young Frankk are the perfect combination of style and timeless relevance. Plus, a delicate drop on each ring adds an original touch. The price of such a decoration is $ 118.


Lucy Hail


Jenna Duane Bonheur Ani earrings are versatile. They can be worn in the classic version, as 40-year-old Jenna Dewanne does, or they can be fastened on the ears like cuffs. This lot on our list is the most expensive (perhaps it's just its versatility) and costs $ 145.



Sarah Highland and Jenna Duane A SOURCE Harper's Bazaar A PHOTO

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