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Just space: the 60th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster watches

Speedmaster - an example of beauty and functionality with a history: the world's first watch that traveled to the moon with the expedition of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

For the first time the collection was released in 1957, but gained worldwide fame after 12 years. When NASA announced a competition for the testing watches for a flight into space, Omega was one of four companies that applied to participate. Watches have had to endure ten tests in completely different circumstances, and only with the successful completion of all the tests could become astronauts for hours. 

"Even I was surprised that the watches passed tests designed for on-board equipment. This is the most extreme conditions, which you can think of for the devices. Mechanical watches in the rocket needed for the safety net: if you suddenly lost communication with Earth, digital chronometers will be destroyed, and the astronauts will lose earthly time ", - says Jim Reagan, a former NASA employee, who, after ten successful tests in 1965 found Chronograph Omega Speedmaster« suitable for all manned space missions. " In the same year, the first time watches were in the open space - from a naut spacecraft "Gemini-4" by Edward White. July 21, 1969 Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first in the history of the people who set foot on the lunar surface, and Omega Speedmasterwerewith them there.

The presence of female models, even in the space Speedmaster collection speaks volumes about the Omega manufacture. Since 1894 it one of the first in Switzerland has become massively produce women's watches. Watchmakers company "hid" in miniature dials jewelry bracelets, because in a society woman was indecent to show boredom and keep an eye on the clock. 

Gender equality is maintained in each Omega collection to this day. Speedmaster have a strong male character and a great story, and watchmakers managed to embody all of these qualities in a restrained and elegant feminine design. The new models Speedmaster 38mm steel bracelet combined with sky-blue dial, diamond line adjacent to the tachymeter scale for measuring speed, and yellow gold - aluminum khaki. A new model of Omega designers named Cappuccino: steel and gold color of milk chocolate with oval chronograph counters and a leather strap to match. Most tender turned white version with a mother of pearl dial, powdery pink arrows and lines on the strap. You can wear such a watch with a white shirt, even with the dress, the main thing - with pride and understanding of their historical importance.


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